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Ruth is first and foremost a Mummy to her two children. She is also mummy to her 6 rescue dogs, one of which is disabled and in a wheelchair. She also has a selection of predominately rescued animals including 13 lizards of different species, 3 tortoises, 9 cockatiels, 4 budgies, a red rump parakeet, a kakariki parakeet, a maroon bellied conure and a one legged kakariki parakeet. Her latest addition to the family is a wood pigeon that had been attacked by a cat and was lying in the kerbside of the road!

Ruth started her career as a science teacher and used her skills in drawing as a cathartic stress release from the pressures of school. In today’s changing educational climate she realised that her nurturing and caring side wasn’t allowed to be used to its full potential so decided to channel her artistic abilities on developing her own business in an area that she adores; namely animals!

She has fast achieved a reputation of being able to capture the essence of your beloved pet’s character and soul.


I asked Ruth to commission a portrait of my beloved Boxer, Rafa after he passed away as a permanent memorial. As unlucky as it seems my best friend also lost her Whippet, Floyd so I also commissioned his picture as well as a surprise, albeit bittersweet as well. The results were outstanding, every nuance and expression was captured almost like photorealism. I could not ask for a better testimony for the memory of two dogs who were cherished by their owners. I shall leave the final quote to my best friend Yvonne who upon seeing the picture burst into tears and said "Some people could paint a thousand white whippets but no one could capture my Floyd like that" I would highly recommend the Service that Ruth provides. As well as the actual picture, the thoughtfulness and care that goes into the delivery is second to none. If you want top quality, this is the place to go!
Lisa Mallinson
All my portraits are absolutely amazing and very special. They are very precious because the Ruth managed to reveal the dogs’ true nature, emotions and character. All my dogs are rescued, I never bought a dog and never will. The stories of some of these poor souls are painful, true heart breaking but most of them are so happy now and have loving families and I want to remember them through these wonderful portraits drawn by such a talented artist. I won’t hesitate to ask for more. Thank you so much for the amazing job ! Norocica is my spoilt litte girl who has now 7 years old and is a very sweet girl rescued from the streets of Bucharest when she was only 2 months. This year we celebrated her birthday with this amazing portrait because she deserves it so much. Thank you for the wonderful present that we could offer to our little girl, we absolutetly love it!
Catalina Kahn